Tena Koe / Talofa/ Greetings

Pacific Spaces transforms the way we think about contemporary and customary ways in which Indigenous Pacific people know the world, by examining their modes of producing space, objects, rituals and performance. It serves as an international platform to develop new research in this area and to promote discussion and publications from Pacific perspectives. We focus on how Pacific concepts affect the production of space and the use of the built environment, re-exploring and extending customary knowledge alongside academic discourse: Pacific people have always produced new and novel ways of understanding the world, based on and extending tradition.

Pacific Spaces helps young Pacific researchers find their feet in the academy. At the Auckland University of Technology’s School of Art and Design, we collaborate closely with Nga Tai a Kiwa, the Indigenous research cluster. We develop our themes through international reading group sessions, which involve postgraduate students and international visitors and are open to the public. We open up new spaces for discussion by conducting fono directed at specific Pacific communities.

We are in the process of developing this website to provide resources and links, as well as original research by our members, and in future we aspire to become a hub for publishing significant research not accessible elsewhere, in the form of monographs and translations, current writings and discussions in our research fields.

Thematic focus

For the next two years, our thematic focus is on The iconic: Afterlife and new beginnings – the ways in which art, objects, spaces and architecture are generated in the diaspora.